Boosted Rev: The eScooter That Will Change Everything.

This is when Alt-Wheels changes everything.

Boosted, the best-known name in personal electric transport, has unveiled their eScooter. It’s called the Rev.

Introducing Boosted Rev

22-mile range, top speed of 24mph (the laws will have to conform to that higher bar; 18mph has been the norm), more torque than most eScooters, and more durable too. A whopping 46lbs of weight! 1,500 watts of power. And an app for iOS and Android.

Price? US$1,599.

Worth. It.

This is the eScooter to get. Forget the ones from Xiaomi, Ninebot/Segway, and (especially) Swagtron. They are fragile. They’re disposable. They lack oomph. They have unreliable warranties and service is a nightmare. Boosted has a known reputation for a quality product and good service.

Localities had trouble dealing with rental eScooters? Well, now they’ll have to deal with owner-operated eScooters. The riders won’t be tourists. They’ll be local people. And they vote! Go ahead, try to keep giving preferential treatment to cars. Those days are coming to an end. Legislators, come join the future!

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