Lime Rental eScooter: “Unlock More Of Your City”

Lime Ads Evoke a Mission Beyond Renting Out Scooters

“It’s just a more expansive lens than ‘This is a scooter to get you from point A to point B,” said Duke Stump, a former executive of Lululemon Athletica Inc. and Nike Inc. who was named Lime’s first chief marketing officer in February.

Hey, Lime catches up! In The Future For NYC: Portable Electric Scooters, I wrote:

And I would see more [on an eScooter]. I’d be at ground-level and could stop at will to see things, to buy something, to eat, to take a picture. How much do I miss underground in the subway? Why would I want to pay US$2.75 over and over again for a bus because I want to stop in a few places before my final destination?

All Alt-Wheels marketing should hammer on these points (not in any particular order):

1) Self-reliance (for ownership)
2) Convenience
3) Independence
4) Serendipity
5) Fun
6) Mass-transit and commuting frustrations

The new Lime marketing video after the break.

Lime | Unlock Life

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