I’ve Ridden The Boosted Rev eScooter

So can you.

Get to Filipacchi — 23 Prince Street, NYC — today — Saturday, May 18, 2019 — before 4PM. They’re holding demo rides. Bring a photo ID and credit card. You’ll also have to fill out a waiver.

I was the first one to try it today.

This was my first time on any scooter — kick or e — so this was a real adventure!

I went around the recommended block. Yes, my first time out, I rode in damn NYC traffic!

I started out really wobbly until I got to the first corner. But by the next straightaway, I had it. No wobble.

Holy freakin hell. That thing has power!

You can really feel it move as soon as you push the thumb throttle. It’s a beast!

That thumb throttle — it’s excellent. The ergonomics are solid. Your thumb naturally falls in its center. The throw is not beyond the edge of the wheel’s encasement. That is, you don’t have to spin spin spin to increase speed. It’s all there. And it’s a precision feeling too.

The electronic brake has bite too. There’s never any fear that it won’t engage. It’s as powerful as the forward push of the dual motors. And at no time was I ever worried that I’d be flung forward over the handlebars from braking.

I’m not sure I ever used the handbrake! I was just concentrating on the sensation and not bloody embarrassing myself with an accident or my death.

At one point, I went over a damn manhole that I think would have sent any electric skateboard rider flying. The Rev took it with no problem whatsoever. It didn’t even wobble! I didn’t know what the hell happened until it was all over. That’s both how smooth a ride it is and how powerful the drive is.

There is no comparing this to any other eScooter most people are familiar with.

Filipacchi also carries the E-TWOW/UScooters — and it looks like a weak toy just comparing the looks. The Rev has a wider platform, larger and fatter wheels, and it’s just as Boosted is hyping it: It’s vehicle-grade. In no way does it look like a toy, feel like a toy, or ride like a toy.

Oh, the weight. Yeah, it’s very, very heavy. The battery itself weighs 27lbs! And the battery can be taken out (but given the weight, it’s doubtful you”ll be carrying a spare to swap — besides, with its range, no real need to carry a spare). Removing the battery would be necessary only when it somehow gets damaged or it has reached its end of life.

As for the tires, the Boosted rep said they’ll be posting a video showing how to change the tire in case of a flat. He said the tire slides right off. It’s not like having to pry it off, as with an eUnicycle. That’s good!

The deck’s griptape is rubber. There are no plans — yet? — for Boosted to offer colors or custom designs.

Is it worth the US$1,600?

Oh hell yes.

Do I want one? My immediate lust reaction is hell yes. But we’ll see.  I’ve yet to try the Onewheel Pint.

But if you’ve been thinking about getting an eScooter, this is the one to buy.

Thanks, Boosted, for the demo ride!

Later same-day update: This post was composed on an iMac at an Apple Store (as is this update!). I wanted to get it out there. I’ll have another post with more information and impressions on Monday.

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