Ninebot/Segway KickScooter MAX Hits IGG

Ninebot KickScooter MAX: The Game Changer

See specs after the break.

I’ve highlighted certain things here:

A claimed range of 40 miles at a US$599 price (US$800 post-IGG campaign)? And doing it with one-third of the watt-hours of the Boosted Rev? I think I would wait for an actual non-shill paid-their-own-money owner on YouTube to verify that range claim. It’s probably at the lowest speed over flat, smooth surfaces. It’s significant that they don’t mention the battery manufacturer. It’s also significant that they don’t compare the number of motors. The Boosted Rev has two. The Max has one (in the rear).


And BAM! Look at that weight. Something they neglected to put in the comparison chart!

What I didn’t highlight above is the 15-degree max slope. That’s basically the slope into a parking garage. So forget about hills. You’re going to have to kick-boost this 40-pound anchor up a hill.

Listen, Ninebot/Segway isn’t a pauper company with its hat in its hand. This campaign is a sham. It’s nothing but an ad offering a discount and suckering naifs into believing they’re helping to create something.

That stinks.

What also stinks is that Ninebot/Segway can’t be counted on to honor their warranties. And where’s the place in America to send it for service or replacement of a defective unit? Do you really want to pay to ship something that’s 40 frikkin pounds to China? You’d quickly learn what the saying, “Slow boat to China” means — because that’d be the only affordable way to send it there!

This no bargain. It’s essentially a slightly-more rugged Xiaomi M365 with a bigger battery and very likely an exaggerated range.

The only good thing I can say about this is it’ll put more eScooters on the street. That’s good for everybody. Except, really, for the people who buy it.

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