Weekend Review: May 18-19, 2019

I did a techie-walkie on Sunday.

Alt-Wheels were out in some force, even though I wasn’t looking and wasn’t counting and didn’t walk the west side bike path (it was too hot). I saw eSkateboards and eScooters. But no Onewheels or eUnicycles this time.

At B&H Photo, I saw a huge QLED 8K TV. Whoa. That was a trip. The demo video had colored pencil points shot from above and the camera moved in (or zoomed in) to them. At 8K, this became disorienting. I nearly felt as if I was falling into them. This TV was priced at just about US$15,000! How soon will that price drop? Is there even anything in 8K yet? As far as I know, 4K is still not widely adopted.

B&H Photo continues to trim stock. Missing from their sportscam display was anything from SJCam. Which is a bit of a shame, as it was a low-priced yet good cam. The only Yi camera they had was large and flat and weird-looking. Maybe it was for 360-degree? I was so turned off by its look that I didn’t bother to read its description. There were fewer phones — again — but, surprisingly, one BLU phone. I thought they’d stopped carrying BLU. I lightly pawed at the Xiaomi Redmi 6A phone — which is still a contender as a triage phone for me. People I have to deal with keep asking when the hell I’ll finally have a phone.

Speaking of phones, I pawed the new two models of Pixel 3a at Best Buy. I also made a point to try the camera. I still don’t know WTF people are raving about. As displayed on the 3a, I still wasn’t impressed. I still think the iPhone does better photos. If I ever won the lottery (which I rarely play), I’d get ah iPhone. (Note that should I ever get an iPhone, that won’t mean I won a lottery!)

There’s a new VR arcade. Escape VR on 29th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues. It was deserted when I passed by. Is VR dead? Or maybe just public VR?

After B&H, I went over to Hudson Yards, the new compound for gazillionaires to smugly live in. My second trip there. This time, however, I had a specific purpose: To get to the Micro scooter store, where I’d been told they have a Micro Merlin eScooter to see. I really had an interest in the Merlin. Micro created the modern kickscooter, so I had hopes for the Merlin.

But, the day before, I had ridden the new Boosted Rev eScooter!

And that killed the Merlin d-e-d. Poor Merlin! Your narrow deck, hard solid tires, and awful tiny monochrome handlebar display are no match against the Rev. The Merlin has a weight of 25lbs. The battery is positioned in the diagonal support connecting the stem and the deck. I could not get the damn thing to balance when carrying it. It kept tilting down at the front. And never mind trolleying it. I tried it. It couldn’t be done. Someone else looking at it pointed out it was being trolleyed in the promo video running on the wall behind. The Micro rep had to admit that it really wasn’t possible. Which damn well leads me to believe that the Merlin shown in the demo video was hollowed-out, without the weight of the battery to unbalance it. I told you that playing such tricks are the unfortunate norm with Alt-Wheels promo videos! The truth always comes out, so stop the promo fraud!

Weekend reading is still in progress. This: Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope by Mark Manson. I have a little over 50 pages to go. I could have finished it on Sunday, but the weather was too good. After months of being encased in layers, it was like getting out of captivity to walk around so freely without all that clothing weight and bulk.

The weekend coming up is a three-day one in America, for Memorial Day. This marks the beginning of Summer. Summer! Which lasts only three short months and then it’s back to the goddammed Winter! Too soon!

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