The No-Longer-Available IPS i5 Electric Unicycle

It’s Hsiang again. This time I’ve dug up an older video of his. It’s still informative – if you live in NYC.

The IPS i5 is no longer available. What a shame. Both slim and light. A slower EUC, but as the video below demonstrates, it can do a trip faster than the damn subway!

Here’s the proof:

That long to go from the East Village to 59th Street. I have often waited that long for a damn train to arrive! And even when they’re running more often during rush hour, they’re so crowded I’ve had to wait for the next or the next-next one to be able to board. All that for the price of US$2.75. The MTA should be paying us! Why wait for the subway when I can start moving immediately?

Hsiang was surprised the i5 made the entire round trip:

His speed was greatly reduced. But as he said, it still beat walking (and, in my mind, the subway).

The IPS a130 Turbo Edition seems to be the follow-up to the i5. And yet it has a battery with fewer watt-hours, lower speed, and decreased range. But it’s also US$200 less than the i5 was.

See Hsiang’s video after the break.


Bonus video, the non-Turbo version of the IPS a130 in repetitive action:

IPS A130 12″ Electric Unicycle

Previously here:

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