Fondle: New Nook Glowlight Plus


That’s as close as I could get to take a pic of the new Nook (device at left of pic). B&N had the tablets on a separate table.

Screen is sharp. It’s all downhill from there.

Micro USB port. No card slot. Nook home button is very small. Page turn buttons are nothing special. Bezels are too damn large even in person. No way to get to Android Settings, so the version number is a mystery. Android Open Source legalese is 607 screens (pages)! Plus side: It has a headphone jack. And seven typefaces, one of which is Open Dyslexic.

Before I tried it, at an Apple Store on an iPad Mini 5, I grabbed a Sample of this book:


I wanted to see if the B&N version looked as good. It does the have full cover but even changing fonts and sizes, it somehow looks better on the iPad Mini. Eh.

B&N’s so-called leadership should have read and heeded that book.

After all the excitement over the Nook Simple Touch being hacked into a passable Android tablet, B&N went the other way: Locking the device down. Like print book publishers, they want to give people what they don’t want.

The new Nook will sell into a smaller percentage of eBook readers than ever before: Only those current diehard Nook owners who have dreamed of a larger screen. So, B&N will give people what they want: As long as it’s something doomed to fail by selling so few units that the entire Nook division is finally euthanized.


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3 Responses to Fondle: New Nook Glowlight Plus

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  2. Dario Straccia says:

    All downhill from there???. You mention a few nit picky items, like large bezels (when they are actually smaller than the 6″ nook) …than you mention a couple good things….lol….I think this reader is actually pretty good and to be honest looks better than the current Kindles and Kobos…

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