Hand-Wringing Political Temps Of NYC Fear eScooters

Electric Scooters Are Sweeping the Country. New York Says Not So Fast.

Leaders in New York are reluctant to change the law and worry that scooters are too dangerous, especially in an increasingly congested Manhattan where cars, pedestrians and cyclists are already competing for limited street space.

An unfortunate spill by Corey Johnson, the City Council speaker, in Mexico City did not help the cause. He rented a Lime scooter on vacation in April and immediately “face planted,” leaving him covered with black grime from the street and nursing a few scrapes.

Mr. Johnson said in an interview that scooters are “absolutely fun,” but they were better suited for a quiet suburb.

“We’re New York, and I have real concerns about people getting injured,” he said.

I said what I had to say about this on Twitter.




Was I harsh? Oh boo-hoo. Remember what they are: They’re temps. They’re our employees. They don’t see themselves that way, which is the entire damn problem! Because they think they’re somebody, they think they can ignore the real lives of everybody.

How many of them even see people riding Alt-Wheels? I don’t think many of them do. They’re looking at their damn phones while they Uber and Lyft everywhere. Or, in the case of the Mayor Who Wants To Be President, swans around in a police-escorted SUV.

That’s the reality of things. So why shouldn’t I shout in their faces? They’re otherwise blind and deaf!

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