Video: China Issues Threats

Chinese Video Urges War With U.S.

This is not good.

I’m not a hand-wringer. Threats get my back up.

But it’s not threats that run the world. It’s business.

And these words from China are not good for business. Nor are they good business.

What might have worked for Mao in his day won’t work today.

China needs to consider whether it’s really prepared to let tens of millions of its workers “starve.” Because that won’t happen here in America. Plenty of other countries would welcome factories to assemble American goods. This is not a threat. It’s a reality of business.

Whatever constraints America might face adjusting would be nothing compared to China winding up with an empty bag at the end.

America isn’t the only country seeing these threats from China. All the countries in Europe and Asia that work with China are seeing them too. And they’ll begin to wonder about doing business in China.

Business likes stability. China is making things unstable with such talk.

Western democracies are flexible institutions with resilient people. We can adjust. We’re anti-fragile. We are not rigid and fragile hierarchies. This is something China needs to have in the forefront of its mind.

Here’s that video:

Mars Phalanx Video

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