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New To Alt-Wheels: Lopfit

Or at least new to my attention… I’ve seen walking bikes. I’ve seen jogging bikes. But until now the idea of a walking eBike never entered my dim head. But here it is: The Walking Bike The Lopifit walking bike … Continue reading

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Hills Hills Hills Those Damn Hills

Hill-climbing tests carried out for electric skateboards, electric scooters, electric unicycles, the Onewheel, and other Alt-Wheels are not a new thing. Back in the early days of motor vehicles, there were such tests for Alt-Horses. The kind of Death Hills … Continue reading

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Ghost Kitchens

A rare glimpse into the sweeping — and potentially troubling — cloud kitchens trend Greenspan continues on to explain that during an age when fewer people frequent restaurants, running one simply makes less and less sense. “[Opening] up a brick-and-mortar … Continue reading

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The BoardUp Electric Skateboard Yet Again

Justin Bravo was given a respite from the evil rain long enough to do a proper test. His results are very, very surprising. BOARDUP BOLT+ FOLDABLE ELECTRIC BOARD SPEED AND RANGE TEST!! He concludes that it matches the claims of … Continue reading

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The Surprising Popularity Of The Chuwi MiniBook

From a single backer just nine days ago to this: Not only did it exceed its stretch goal of adding a fingerprint reader (something I expected it would have all along), but Chuwi has been responsive to the concerns of … Continue reading

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Jyroball: Perfect Beginner Electric Unicycle?

Well, nothing is ever perfect but the Jyroball could be a good way for people interested in electric unicycles to experience the sensation of one without a high impact to their bank account. Experienced EUC riders all say the same … Continue reading

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Alt-Wheels Notes #2

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Jyroball Indiegogo Exceeds Goal

From their promotional email today:

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The Electrobat

Wading into research material. Came across this. What a great name!

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Jyroball Is Back On Indiegogo

Today, June 22, 2019: The Jyroball people have sent me an email explaining what happened. Here’s the relevant portion: Our campaign was paused without notice by Indiegogo after they were contacted by a third party claiming to have design patents … Continue reading

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