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Hope For Ooneepod?

Twitter Despite: 1) Fobbing off to the State the decision for rental eScooters, and 2) Personally faceplanting on a rental eScooter He is: 3) Wanting the job of Mayor Unlike our current Wants To Be President Mayor, he’s moved forward … Continue reading

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WWDC 2019 Head Explosions Continue

Gah! Stuff I forgot from WWDC 2019 (there was a lot and I’m probably still forgetting things): 1) Sign In With Apple. You have no idea how much I hate those “Sign In With…” buttons. Apple is killing them. Good … Continue reading

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New York City Fights The Future

Ooneepod is secure parking for Alt-Wheels in a custom-designed structure. Hundreds — perhaps thousands — of these are needed throughout the five boroughs if this city is to reduce carbon emissions, reduce traffic congestion, and give all New Yorkers a … Continue reading

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iOS Gets Mouse Support Like Android Has Had For Years

Twitter: Go to Twitter to see the animated GIF. Previously here: Apple WWDC 2019

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Apple WWDC 2019

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R.I.P. Actor Paul Darrow

Twitter: Blake’s 7 actor Paul Darrow dies at 78 Perhaps best-known as Avon in one of the best SF TV series ever, Blake’s 7. It rather quickly became the Avon show. Avon was a real bastard, willing to sacrifice the … Continue reading

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Another Tease Of The Rumored Microsoft Centaurus

Microsoft teases its secret dual-screen Surface device Microsoft has started to demonstrate new dual-screen Surface hardware inside the company. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that the company recently held an all hands event for its devices team, … Continue reading

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