Another Tease Of The Rumored Microsoft Centaurus

Microsoft teases its secret dual-screen Surface device

Microsoft has started to demonstrate new dual-screen Surface hardware inside the company. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that the company recently held an all hands event for its devices team, where it showed a sizzle video for new Surface devices and dual-screen prototype hardware. Employees even formed long lines to get a closer glimpse at this new Surface device.

Despite the iPad Mini 5, I’m still extremely interested in this.

My enthusiasm for the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 was quashed because that company has a wretched reputation for supporting their devices. In short, they act like many smaller Chinese companies — despite Lenovo’s size — release and abandon. That is going to catch up to them. Just read the owner reports in the Lenovo sub at Reddit! A parade of people who will never buy Lenovo again or ever recommend their products.

Meanwhile, I’ve lately been fondling both the Microsoft Surface Book 2 and the Surface Laptop 2. Those are luscious devices! Fantastic keyboards, gorgeous screens, and really delightful hardware designs. “It’s Windows,” I’ve heard objectors say. Well, I haven’t used a Mac since System 6 and was forced onto Windows. Now Windows is familiar to me (sometimes enragingly so). Mac OS X is too bizarre for me. It doesn’t seem at all Mac-like in the way I’ve known Macs. So the “It’s Windows” whine rolls off my back these days.

If Microsoft is smart and creates their own PDF-reading app and it’s part of Centaurus and can used on either or both screens, I’d want to jump on it.

And if they cover it in that lush Alcantara the Surface Laptop 2 has — and offer it in several colors — it’d increase my tech lust immensely.

This wait, this suspense, it’s frustrating.

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