WWDC 2019 Head Explosions Continue


Stuff I forgot from WWDC 2019 (there was a lot and I’m probably still forgetting things):

1) Sign In With Apple. You have no idea how much I hate those “Sign In With…” buttons. Apple is killing them. Good riddance!

2) Voice Control in MacOS. I can’t even begin to explain how fantastically good this is. You’ll have to see the video with it in action.

3) The new version of Files. Future Apple CEO Steven Troughton-Smith has said it can use multiple inputs via a USB hub. Not just a flash drive, but SD card, and hard drive too. And files can be moved from them or off the device to them.

And then I was watching another video about the iPod Touch 2019 and my head exploded again!

He doesn’t recommend buying the iPod Touch. And for a damn good reason I was totally ignorant about. It turns out the iPhone SE 64 and 128GB models can be bought used for just about the same price as the 32GB iPod Touch! The camera is better (it can do 4K video), the screen is the same size, there’s Touch ID, it can do Apple Pay, and it can run iOS 13! So it makes zero sense, really, for someone like me to bother with the 2019 iPod Touch. And even less sense for me to even think about any Android phone when an iPhone is within that pricing reach. The key things about the 2019 iPod Touch for me have been its wee size and low price — I could always have it in hand ready to snap a pic or a video and the low price wouldn’t give me a heart attack if I dropped it and broke the screen. See? Always Do Research! It can save you from a heart attack!

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