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Android Isn’t A Joke. It’s A Nightmare.

238 Google Play apps with >440 million installs made phones nearly unusable The above-linked forum discussing BeiTaAd documents that the plugin has been menacing users for at least seven months. Google’s inability to detect the abuse, either initially when the … Continue reading

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iOS To Android: “Drop Dead!”

I’ve cued the video to 1:55, which is when the iPadOS/iOS Files app action begins. A quick walkthrough at iPadOS on iPad Pro (iOS13) – external drive is accessible with Files.app! And that has killed Android d-e-d for me. Here’s … Continue reading

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Bird Rental eScooters Pivots Again: Bikes!

Bird Cruiser website Ummm…. the camel’s nose in the tent strategy? So, if Bird can’t place rental eScooters, maybe they can place rental eBikes? And once they’ve softened-up a government with bikes, the eScooters will follow? Maybe this will give … Continue reading

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More Information About The Strange Jyroball

JYROBALL – Reinventing the hoverboard experience I asked in YouTube Comments: 1) Battery size? Replaceable? Charge time? 2) Range confirmed or is that Marketing? 3) Does this require the rider to balance it like a hoverboard or does it self-balance … Continue reading

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Video: iOS 13

Hands On with iPadOS: First Look at Mouse Support, New Multitasking, Dark Mode, and More! A minor irritation has been iOS 13 shown in landscape here and in the WWDC presentation. An iPad being oriented like a Surface tablet. That’s … Continue reading

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Apple AR: Motion Capture With A Phone. A Phone!

There was Just So Much in yesterday’s WWDC 2019. Another one of the jaw-dropping things was motion capture in Augmented Realty. To appreciate this stunning achievement, you have to understand what motion capture entails — or once entailed. What Is? … Continue reading

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Reference: Surface Hackintosh

Just putting these here because Firefox is hell for, um, surfacing Bookmarks. SurfaceBook 2 Hackintosh !!!!! Sorry for the Repost | Surface Laptop compatibility Microsoft could probably sell jillions of Surface Laptop 3 if they deliberately designed it to work … Continue reading

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James Holzhauer Didn’t Lose Jeopardy. He Chose To Leave.

I swear before God Himself this is what I said to someone else last night as I watched Jeopardy: He’s been playing a very dangerous game the past few weeks. It’s obvious he’s not answering all the questions he can. … Continue reading

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