Android Isn’t A Joke. It’s A Nightmare.

238 Google Play apps with >440 million installs made phones nearly unusable

The above-linked forum discussing BeiTaAd documents that the plugin has been menacing users for at least seven months. Google’s inability to detect the abuse, either initially when the apps were submitted or later as those apps made millions of phones nearly unusable, speaks to the company’s inability—or possibly its lack of sufficient motivation—to police its marketplace against flagrant abuse. The number of installs affected demonstrates that even widely used apps have the potential to be potentially malicious.

Until Google shows signs of getting the problem of malicious and abusive apps under control, Android users should remain skeptical of Google Play and download apps sparingly.


This is inexcusable on Google’s part. But it’s in line with that company’s ADHD heart. They really can’t focus. Even with something as valuable to them as Android. And if they value Android so little, what value do they place on Android users?

Trust in Google? No.

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