More Information About The Strange Jyroball

JYROBALL – Reinventing the hoverboard experience

I asked in YouTube Comments:

1) Battery size? Replaceable? Charge time?

2) Range confirmed or is that Marketing?

3) Does this require the rider to balance it like a hoverboard or does it self-balance like an EUC?


Show a video replacing the tire.

They replied:

2.5 charge time. 500W motor, Sony battery pack (fixed). 225wh (43v / 5.2AH). confirmed range in test conditions yes. real world may vary based on rider weight and surface conditions etc. It self balances like an EUC. Don’t have replacing tire video yet. but that’s a good suggestion, we’ll get it done.

A Sony battery! Whoa.

They got Alt-Wheels filmmaker and expert EUC rider Tishawn Fahie to try it!

I have to admit I’m intrigued by this. No, it’s not something to commute with. But I could see it as an easily-totable thing to ride on the west side bike path in Manhattan just for the sheer fun of it.


Indiegogo: JYROBALL: 500W Self Balancing Electric Rideable

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