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First Sighting Of iOS/iPadOS 13 On iPad Mini 5

Twitter: There have been several YouTube videos showing iOS 13 on the iPhone SE! Not a single one for the iPad Mini 4 or 5. Same-day update: This is actually the second sighting. I forgot about a post I did … Continue reading

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iOS/iPadOS 13: Voice Control

So damn amazing: Voice Control Demo (iOS 13, iPadOS 13) Previously here: iOS/iPadOS 13: More External Storage Testing iOS To Android: “Drop Dead!” Video: iOS 13 Apple AR: Motion Capture With A Phone. A Phone! Reference: Surface Hackintosh WWDC 2019 … Continue reading


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iOS/iPadOS 13: More External Storage Testing

He tests a variety of hard drives. How To Connect Hard Drives To iPad – New iOS 13 Update! But if you want your head to explode, jump to 16:07. He demonstrates using a popular USB-C adapter and plugs in … Continue reading

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Chris Orton Wants To Bankrupt Me

Twitter: Connoisseurs of The Best SF TV will immediately recognize that T-shirt as originating with Star Cops. Man, do I want that! If that was all, I’d be fine. But Orton has like a jillion such T-shirts and things! See … Continue reading

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A Very Strange Windows Device: Chuwi’s MiniBook

It’s very early in the morning, all of my archive memory hasn’t come online yet, but I can’t help feeling that this has been done before. (See later in post; my brain archives came online while doing this post!) Chuwi … Continue reading

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