A Very Strange Windows Device: Chuwi’s MiniBook

It’s very early in the morning, all of my archive memory hasn’t come online yet, but I can’t help feeling that this has been done before. (See later in post; my brain archives came online while doing this post!)

Chuwi wants to Indiegogo an eight-inch kneetop Windows computer.

The keys are supposed to be full-size …

… but this angled render …

… makes me think the key travel will be very shallow and painful and probably as bad as Apple’s disastrous Butterfly keyboard.

And yes, we have been here before!

The Verge: The Falcon is a cute 8-inch laptop that folds into a janky tablet

The hardware specs have been changed a bit. But it’s clear this is yet another example of China’s “open source design” — where a design is shared by several companies (although probably churned out at a single factory and badged for each company).

Chuwi keyboard:

Falcon keyboard:

Clearly the design has been greatly refined since The Verge report.

It’ll be interesting to see if this goes anywhere. When the Indiegogo campaign is launched, I’ll do another post.

In the meantime, here’s the Chuwi YouTube video that alerted me to its existence:

Tiny, Yet Mighty | CHUWI MiniBook Hands-on(Photoshop, Gaming, etc.)

Just remember, kids: The rumored Microsoft Centaurus looms. It’d be wise to save your pennies for that one instead. Especially if it’s covered in that lush Alcantara fabric!


Chuwi MiniBook promo website

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