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YouTube Trash For Cash

Meet the angry gaming YouTubers who turn outrage into views How to make a successful video on one of the internet’s most popular sites: Step 1: Find something to be angry about. Go to online forums, track what’s hot on … Continue reading

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iOS 13 Apple Maps: No Biking Directions

Apple Reveals iOS 13 The biggest Maps improvement isn’t here. The one I was most looking forward to is absent. Apple Maps still doesn’t have biking directions! I ride a mini cruiser skateboard everywhere I go when the weather’s warm … Continue reading

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Jyroball Indiegogo Suspened; “Under Review”

Curious, I popped over to the Indiegogo page for the Jyroball and was smacked in the face with this: I also checked that page yesterday and everything seemed to be progressing just fine: So what happened? Will we ever know? … Continue reading

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Still No iOS/iPadOS 13 iPad Mini External Storage Videos. But!

He’s using a sixth-gen iPad in this video. It has the Lightning port, just like the iPad Mini. So this can act as an example of what it’d be like with an iPad Mini 4 or 5 even though he’s … Continue reading

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