iOS 13 Apple Maps: No Biking Directions

Apple Reveals iOS 13

The biggest Maps improvement isn’t here. The one I was most looking forward to is absent. Apple Maps still doesn’t have biking directions! I ride a mini cruiser skateboard everywhere I go when the weather’s warm enough, and use biking directions to find safe routes. Without biking directions, I can never switch to Apple Maps. I’m not alone. Cycling is becoming more popular in cities, as is longboarding. People are making conscious decisions for their health, the environment, and their budgets. Plus, getting around a city like New York by bike or longboard is actually faster than getting anywhere in a car, bus, and, often, even beats the trains. The fact that Apple Maps still doesn’t have biking directions is ludicrous.


That’s a pretty bad oversight. Especially when the WWDC used the Bird rental eScooter app screen for the Sign In With Apple presentation.

When I use the Google Maps website, I always check out all the travel options: Car, Mass Transit, Walking, and Bike.

I’m sure Apple will eventually add bike routes. I just hope we don’t have to wait a year for it!

If Apple really wanted to shiv Google Maps, they might consider adding AC outlets. In case no one at Apple has been paying attention, people are riding their own electric scooters, electric skateboards, electric unicycles, and Onewheels. And two more things: eScooter/eBike charging docks by Charge and Alt-Wheels secure parking by Oonee.

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