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Beware Of The Devil’s Spin On Things

I’ve been reading The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph by Ryan Holiday. I love it. But. There was a story that got my Spidey-sense tingling and I had to go fact-check it. See … Continue reading

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Another Hsiang Video About The Boosted Rev eScooter

Hsiang doesn’t do YouTube videos. He does mini-documentaries of the kind PBS used to air from the BBC! I get flashbacks to the wonderful Conections series when I watch his videos. In this one, he deals with all the naysayers … Continue reading

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Chuwi’s MiniBook Seen From Yet Another Vendor

As noted earlier, Chuwi’s MiniBook isn’t the originator of the design. GPD was the first to show it as the Falcon. Now Weibu has its own version, shown in the video below. YouTube Description: Weibu enters the mini-laptops arena with … Continue reading

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