Another Hsiang Video About The Boosted Rev eScooter

Hsiang doesn’t do YouTube videos. He does mini-documentaries of the kind PBS used to air from the BBC! I get flashbacks to the wonderful Conections series when I watch his videos.

In this one, he deals with all the naysayers who cite the Rev’s specs compared to eScooters that aren’t generally available in America with brand names only a very few would even recognize. Plus, the larger point about what the Rev means.

Sit back and marvel. And be convinced too.

DESIGN, QUALITY & the BOOSTED REV Scooter; Why you should quit worrying about Specification!

I want a Rev. But circumstances other than money prevent that right now.

That’s OK. I’ll feel just fine as I witness the Rev taking over the streets of city after city and those “in charge” have to finally reckon with the revolution of Alt-Wheels.

The Rev will also drive the need for Oonee pods for secure parking. And that will benefit everyone.

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