Timeless Advice From Amelia Earhart

I’m still reading The Fun of It: Random Records of My Own Flying and of Women in Aviation by Amelia Earhart.

At one point in her life, she was Aviation Editor at Cosmopolitan magazine (it was a different publication in her day). Part of that entailed answering questions from readers.

Two bits of her advice apply to Alt-Wheels today:

The first one should apply to governments who oppose rental eScooters and other Alt-Wheels (which, in some very backward cases, includes kick skateboards!). How many of those “in charge” have ever ridden one? Were they even ever on a kick skateboard in their entire life?

The second applies to anyone thinking of buying Alt-Wheels. How many times must I shout, Don’t buy junk! Just about every newcomer to Alt-Wheels forums at Reddit starts out asking about buying something for the lowest price. Really, if you have money to waste like that, just send it to me. I won’t buy junk for myself with it!

Previously here:

Beware Of The Devil’s Spin On Things

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