Idiots “In Charge” Appease A Fellow Idiot To Legalize (Some) Alt-Wheels in NY

Apple Cored: E-Bike/E-Scooter Bill Move Closer to Reality, Thanks to Greenway, Manhattan Exemptions

The new version of the bill specifically bars e-bikes and e-scooters from greenways, such as the Hudson River Greenway, the world’s most popular bike lane. Officials from the Hudson River Park had testified earlier this month against allowing the new mobility devices on the greenway. Apparently, they won.

Connie Fishman of Hudson River Park Friends, one of the officials who testified at the state hearing, did not return a call for comment. She had told Streetsblog that the state should consider widening the greenway, given its popularity, including looking into taking a lane away from cars on the West Side Highway. But that’s a debate for the future.

Readers will know this greenway under another term I use here. The west side bike path.

Here’s a reminder of what it is and looks like: November 4, 2017: Post-Attack NYC Bike Path.

And they really think some words are going to prevent eScooters and eBikes from using it? And what, there’s going to be some sort of corporate exemption for CitiBike’s eBikes?

Are we going to go back to this bullshit: New York City’s War On Personal Electric Transit.

That sign never stopped this guy:

Final note: Electric skateboards, electric unicycles, and the Onewheel are not mentioned in the upcoming law at all. Ride them. On the west side bike path! Ride the way we’ve all had to before the law: In defiance.

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