Video: iOS/iPadOS 13 External Storage Complications

Well, so much for what I hoped for …

I already knew about the adapter …

… but this I didn’t expect:

Grrrrr. So, the hard drives I’ve waited so long to use with iOS might not work at all with an iPad Mini 5!

External storage support on Lightning devices? — iPadOS 13 on iPad Air 2

It looks like I have to investigate moving everything from hard disks to SSDs! That was something I was thinking of anyway. It’s foolish to carry a fragile hard disk in a backpack. I worry when I drag this Battlestar Galactica-sized notebook in my backpack.

There might be workarounds to the above. A Commenter wrote:

Mine works with this dongle you used in the video. I powered with my Macbook charger and USB – C to lightning cable. So it might just be a case of using higher Wattage than the iPad charger (Apple always gives low power bricks)

And someone asked about using a powered hub, which the video maker doesn’t have (yet?).

Same-day update:


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