Cloud Nightmare

SIM swap horror story: I’ve lost decades of data and Google won’t lift a finger

Maybe I’ve been naive, but I had backed up a ton of personal information on Google Drive. This included tax returns, account passwords for my wife in case I died, personal documents and spreadsheets, and just about everything I had paper copies of at home. Since I change computers, share data with others, and wanted backups in case my house burned down, I trusted cloud services to store my data. I have to admit I am a bit freaked out at the moment and may be moving this data to external hard drives and paper once again.

Holy bleepity bleep bleep bleepola!

Now do you understand why I’ve wanted external storage access for iOS? Trust iCloud? Hell no. It’s probably the target of every hacker and state-run cyberwar department on the entire planet. Some day, it will fall too. And while Sign In With Apple was designed to prevent the kind of nightmare detailed in the article, that will be hacked too. Every lock can be picked. Every vault can be broken into. Especially when they’re digital. How many times must this be repeated until people catch on?

I don’t know what the solution to any of this is aside from getting rid of the bad actors. And that’s not a realistic solution, either.

So while everyone else can go ahead and trust in the cloud, I’d rather put my vital stuff on local storage I can see and handle myself.

As for his solution? I don’t know. But his nightmare with Google isn’t surprising. It’s time for Google to get a surprise, however: Legislation to stop their abuse of users!

For those who will inevitably carp: “But nothing is wrong with the services he’s using. They weren’t hacked.” You miss the damn point.

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