Video: First Look At Chuwi MiniBook

Chris over at TechTablets was sent a pre-release version of the Chuwi MiniBook.

As shown above, the two USB ports can power a portable hard drive.

Specs of his unit (final IGG version will differ):

There’s a slot to put in an SSD up to 512MB:

Internal view:

First Look Pros and Cons:

The video:

Chuwi MiniBook Unboxing & Hands-On (8″ UMPC)

In a little over a day from post time, it will go up at Indiegogo, where the price will finally be revealed.

Bonus video of it from yet another vendor (which seems to be the original manufacturer):

iLife NG08 pocketable laptop, sold as Chuwi Minibook

Just remember that the Microsoft Centaurus is coming! It probably won’t run the same Windows, however, but will address a different set of needs.


Chuwi MiniBook promo website

Previously here:

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