Chuwi MiniBook Now Live At Indiegogo

Chuwi MiniBook Indiegogo

The Early Bird prices I mentioned in a previous post aren’t available at the campaign itself. Only to those who subscribed to their pre-launch emails.

It turns out there’s a sort of Gotcha involved with this.

Don’t expect to have it soon:

Many things can change between today and delivery date. Especially since they went with this comparison chart:

While I understand they’re comparing portability for price, I think it’ll remind people that there could be updated versions from Apple and Microsoft!

Also, between now and September, who knows what additional information will be strategically leaked about the Microsoft Centaurus? If its rumored US$700 price holds, that’s not too big a price difference for something that’s bound to have a huge leap in hardware build quality and, most importantly, support.

My advice is to really really really understand if the Chuwi MiniBook fits your needs.

And, lastly, the wheel turns:

At left is the IBM Palm Top PC110, Chuwi MiniBook at right.

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