Wichita Acknowledges Alt-Wheels Owners

Wichita lets up on personal electric scooters and skateboards, at least for now

The council approved an ordinance two weeks ago establishing rules for using e-Scooters in the city, with an eye toward regulating rental scooters, which have become a popular way to motor around urban areas across the country.

But that got pushback from owners who have invested hundreds or even thousands of dollars in their own scooters and skateboards and use them for commuting and work.

They were upset by provisions of the new scooter ordinance that would have banned eScooters from sidewalks and streets with speed limits over 35 mph, and prohibited their use after dark.

The users said that wouldn’t hurt too much downtown, but it would make scooters practically unusable for commuting in suburban city neighborhoods where speed limits are higher and bike paths are few.

As a stopgap to let the rental companies come in, the council simply wrote personally owned eScooters out of the ordinance before final approval Tuesday.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

That’s interesting. It’s the first news report I’ve encountered that’s mentioned Alt-Wheels people own.

I won’t bother with the specifics here. Localities will work it out for themselves.

I do, however, want to say that I’m against Alt-Wheels being used on sidewalks unless there is no other choice (for example, the entire street has been ripped up for resurfacing). And when used on sidewalks, pedestrians come first.

One other thing, quoting:

… and use them for commuting and work.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I’m not sure those “in charge” understand that Alt-Wheels are also a means for some people to do a job. Jermaine Ellis opened my eyes early on about this. His videos have shown him using his Boosted Board in San Francisco to get to Taskrabbit assignments as well as deliver food for Caviar and Uber Eats.

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