Chuwi MiniBook: No Fingerprint Sensor (Yet?)

Their Indiegogo campaign is over US$200,000:

In their latest promotional email, they tout that and also extend the Early Bird discount to those getting the email (you should have signed up yesterday!).

The email also had a surprise.


I admit I didn’t closely examine the specs because I don’t think this device is for me. I thought it came with a fingerprint reader. But I’ve seen several videos of similar devices so I might have confused that feature from one of them.

One aspect people might not have considered: Battery life. A YouTube Commenter who owns the kind of similar GDP1 reported a battery life just three hours:

when it [GPD1] worked properly, around 3 hours of continuous use

And in doing this post, I happened upon another device and it seems quite nice:

GPD P2 Max – Unboxing And Quick Impressions

I wouldn’t be surprised if next year — or maybe even later this year — Chuwi offers something similar on IGG. In the meantime, Liliputing’s article: GPD P2 Max 8.9 inch laptop coming soon for $529 and up

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