Ninebot/Segway KickScooter MAX IGG Extended

The last time I looked, there were just 32 hours left to the Ninebot/Segway KickScooter MAX Indiegogo campaign. I thought I had a screenshot of that but something went awry, so I don’t.

I have this, from a promotional email:

Red underline added by me.

Now they’ve extended their campaign.

Click to enlarge:

Red underline added by me.

Another month!

They started out with 30 days:

I think what’s going on here is this: They’re waiting for the Boosted Rev to hit YouTube with owner videos and reviews. They’re counting on people being disappointed with its range and to flock to the MAX.

Anyone who chooses the MAX over the Rev due to range — or, really, any other reason — is a sucker setting themselves for disappointment within several months of their ownership. Good luck getting it serviced!

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