Jyroball Indiegogo Exceeds Goal

From their promotional email today:

The interruption in their fundraising hasn’t thwarted them, so that’s good.

Since I believe in accountability, here’s their physical address enlarged:

There is talk of a carrybag at their IGG:

We are working on a custom carry bag Timothy and will have an update for our early backers soon :). JYROBALL is 9kg with a unique built-in carry handle, which actually makes it very easy to carry around. In our real life product testing, we didn’t find it tiring to carry for 10-20 mins, But yes, a carry bag would also be beneficial, so we are working on that. Thanks for feedback.

I wonder if a bowling ball bag would suffice?

If they hadn’t shown Tishawn Fahie riding it, I wouldn’t have believed it even existed as a prototype.

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