Alt-Wheels Notes #2

I am introducing section/subject breaks to give this some resemblance to order.

Those Who Think They’re “in Charge”

None of the NY state legislature Alt-Wheels bills (one, two, three) have yet been delivered to the Governor:

Which, I suppose, is just as well. The Governor is wringing his hands on the matter:

Mopeds?! Mopeds?! The best I can say about this is that eSkateboards, eUnicycles, and the Onewheel are in no way mentioned — and that means not affected — by the bills. What the law doesn’t specify is free. Until they cage it in a bill.

Cuomo pumps brake on bill to legalize e-bikes, scooters

Cuomo, de Blasio voice safety concerns as New York lawmakers vote to legalize e-bikes, e-scooters

Everyone else who has been saying “We’re legal! We’re legal!” — you’ve been wrong. It’s not legal until Governor Pearl Clutcher signs.

Bird will need even more patience:

But if eScooters are classified as “mopeds.” what will they do?

As if Governor Pearl Clutcher wasn’t bad enough, even after he signs those bills, there’s The Mayor Who Wants To Be President to contend with: Legal E-Bikes Won’t Be Allowed In NYC Bike Lanes, De Blasio Says

In Other Places

Another city shames The Big Apple by officially welcoming rental eScooters:

While in another city, not only is the pilot terminated, the eScooters are banned:

“Visual clutter,” that Mayor says. Parked cars are pretty? Open. Your. Eyes.

France, believe it or not, was once a world leader in motor vehicles (it was in the late 1800s, but still!). Today, they are in la faint and need smelling salts to deal with rental eScooters:

‘Anarchy in the streets’: Electric scooter accidents plague Paris as residents demand police crackdown

All of the articles singling out eScooters distract people’s attention from the havoc and carnage cars create. This not a new tactic. Here’s a snippet from 1899 in which the new motor vehicle was a scourge while the real dangers of the incumbent horse were taken for granted:

Horses dominating a city were taken for granted. Just as cars and trucks and ear-shattering motorcycles (which, by the way, are banned in China and good for China!) dominating cities are taken for granted today. That perspective is unsustainable.

Commentary: How those annoying scooters will make Chicago a better city for everyone

After riding electric scooters and seeing their effect on other cities, I now see their charm. They make our cities easier to navigate with technology that’s more green than many other modes of transportation. Even if you’re not interested in riding them, you should appreciate them for one big reason: Their presence is a shock to the system that could force our city to create more complete streets that would be better for people walking, biking and even driving.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

He sees the full vista.


Previously here, July 3, 2018: City Of Los Angeles Proposes Open Source eScooter Rental Data Collection





These Cities Will Track Scooters to Get a Handle on Regulation

Cities and Industry Launch New Foundation to Manage Mobility

Open Mobility Foundation

All of that is very good — to a point. What’s not going to show up on their data radar are Alt-Wheels that are owned, not rented. I seem to be the only person in NYC who walks the west side bike path and tries to do a rough census of what people are riding (see an example here). The change from horse to motor car was visible in the late 1880s. Alt-Wheels are small and invisible unless you look for them. Trust me on this, a Mayor who swans around in an SUV with tinted windows is absolutely clueless about what else is on wheels around him.

Bird is also doing some sort of road tour:

At post time, they didn’t specify the cities at their site.

Oonee reports their pilot installation near the Whitehall Ferry Terminal has to go:

Oonee is a pod for the secure parking of bikes, with the future intent to accommodate all Alt-Wheels. A bike parked in public is a thief magnet. An eScooter parked in public is both a thief and a vandal magnet. Oonee is needed.

I’ve been reading The Horseless Age. It’s the second American publication devoted to motor vehicles. We take street parking for granted. This is how it was in the early days of motor vehicles:

Publisher/Editor E.P. Ingersoll was no fanatic. He was against speeding, favored speed laws, favored responsible driving, and was against holding races except on dedicated tracks. But from time to time his exasperation broke through and he would be frank, as he is here:

Frankness is called for now. The NYC DOT is stupid for making Oonee leave. Whoever said No, please join the other dinosaurs. You are in the way of the future for us humans.

New York City Is Getting E-Scooters, Hilarity Sure to Ensue

(Staten Island, I’m told, exists)

Yes, you snob, this Island of the Damned does. Everyone who thinks they’re having fun or “getting exercise” on the generally-flat streets of Manhattan (and elsewhere in the city) should come here. Not only do we have Death Hills, we probably have the worst drivers too (you can go look up that stat). We also have Lime and Jump bikes. Now send over the rental eScooters!

Real People

Electric Skateboard vs Onewheel XR vs Electric Unicycle (Another update after 300 miles on EUCs)
Owner reports are what matter. That’s an owner report.

Reading the Comments at the Ninebot/Segway KickScooter MAX Indiegogo is informative. Some samples:

If you want us and everyone else to believe in your project as much as you do, then you should increase the battery warranty to 1 year. You don’t give a 6 month warranty on something you think will last, you give a 6 month warranty on something you expect to fail… But if you truly believe your batteries won’t fail, then increasing the battery warranty to 1 year shouldn’t be a problem.


There have been two different post made on two different models ES2 and ES4 that Segway-Ninebot makes with the batteries failing and wires melting. This I am sure is why Segway-Ninebot has only a 6 month warranty on it’s batteries when any other e-scooter/bike have a full 1 year warranty on the whole product ? I will be very unhappy if the batteries on my scooter fail after 6 months or even a year. What can Ninebot say to assure me that the batteries will last at least over 1 year ?


Here is another post that suggest that the batteries that Ninebot uses are failing in their ES2 . Is this the reason with recent history of batteries failing that Segway-Ninebot are offering only a six month warranty on the MAX when any other e-scooter or e-bike company offers a full one year warranty on all of it’s product. I am getting a little concerned in my investment of the MAX. Why Segway- Ninebot does not offer a full year warranty ?


Also, I found this campaign after just disassembling my ES2 today to find the wires melted. Like asked below, can you reassure us precautions have been taken this time to mitigate that design flaw? A picture or some specs of the wiring would go miles in giving all of us here some peace of mind.

Failing batteries, wires melting. Probably even more, but there are hundreds of Comments and life is short. I warned everyone. And now I’ll repeat what else I’ve said: They will wish they bought the Boosted Rev eScooter.

Last Kicks

So ridiculous; I will flay it in separate post later: A Micro-Glossary on Micromobility

Stop the carnage on the streets: What de Blasio must do to protect bicyclists now

On Monday, New York reached a grim milestone when bike messenger Robyn Hightman, 20, was killed by a truck driver who allegedly ran a red light near the intersection of 6th Avenue and 23rd St. in Manhattan. According to advocates’ counts, Hightman was the 12th person on a bike killed in the city so far this year, two more than the entire number of cyclist fatalities in 2018.

The Mayor Who Wants To Be President needs to be booted out of office and go work for an NGO in some obscure country where he can’t do us any more harm.

The solutions the Daily News offers won’t work.

My solution — which will eventually come to pass (but probably not in my lifetime) — is this: Every other Avenue and every fourth Street in Manhattan are exclusive to Alt-Wheels. The other boroughs aren’t based on a grid. Manhattan is. Change it first. Figure out the others later.

A periodic reminder that just as not everyone can pedal, not everyone can ditch their car for Alt-Wheels: Comment of the Day: It’s Hard Not to Drive a Lot When America’s This Spread Out

My sister has a (no shit) 55 mile drive from her house to the hospital she works at. She has a radar detector (a gift from me), and tends to drive 85-90MPH on her (extremely rural) commute. I cannot overstate this: People in rural, red states do this… a lot. On these long, straight, featureless roads, they do like 85 MPH at a clip, and it’s no big deal. They’re used to it. You just slow down a bit when your detector chirps at you, and then you speed back up. There are no hills to knock down the radar, or lasers.

Denmark is Denmark. This is not Denmark.

E.P. Ingersoll gets the final word on that:

Previously here:

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