New To Alt-Wheels: Lopfit

Or at least new to my attention…

I’ve seen walking bikes. I’ve seen jogging bikes. But until now the idea of a walking eBike never entered my dim head.

But here it is:

The Walking Bike

The Lopifit walking bike boosts your walking speed up to the pace of a bike, so it’s essentially a way to take the treadmill outdoors, enabling you to zoom around at a speed of 15-17 mph with a range of either a minimum 40 miles per charge or to 60 miles per charge.

My only criticism is the length of it!

And then there is the price: Close to US$3,000! Ouch!

How long before Alibaba sprouts cheap Chinese clones? I’m not even going to investigate that.

Lopfit website

Thanks to .apk of Twitter

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