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Chuwi MiniBook: No Fingerprint Sensor (Yet?)

Their Indiegogo campaign is over US$200,000: In their latest promotional email, they tout that and also extend the Early Bird discount to those getting the email (you should have signed up yesterday!). The email also had a surprise.

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Ninebot/Segway KickScooter MAX IGG Extended

The last time I looked, there were just 32 hours left to the Ninebot/Segway KickScooter MAX Indiegogo campaign. I thought I had a screenshot of that but something went awry, so I don’t. I have this, from a promotional email: … Continue reading

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Alt-Wheels Notes #1

From time to time, I will do a compilation post under the title “Alt-Wheels Notes.” I’m also creating a new Category just for these: Alt-Wheels Notes. There’s no particular order to what’s posted below. Why Electric Scooters and Bikes Are … Continue reading

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Videos: BoardUp Electric Skateboard

The BoardUp folding skateboard has popped up again on my radar. This time, two videos about the new electric version. First up from Justin Bravo: DOPE FOLDABLE ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD!! (BoardUp Bolt+ Review) The plague of rain has prevented him from … Continue reading

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Rental eScooter Companies Create Their Own Problems

I’m getting tied in knots by eScooters. I really don’t want to write about them any longer but they keep intruding. So I’m trying to stay away from particular eScooter hardware, like past posts, and concentrate more on the societal … Continue reading

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Chuwi MiniBook Indiegogo Exceeds Goal In Less Than Five Hours

I haven’t been checking this every hour. I didn’t think it would ramp up so quickly. A little over five hours after the prior post, it has exceeded its goal. With a whopping 60 days left in the campaign, it’s … Continue reading

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New York State Senate Passes Alt-Wheels Bill

Senate Bill S5294A: Relates to bicycles with electronic assist and electric scooters Twitter: Previously here: Idiots “In Charge” Appease A Fellow Idiot To Legalize (Some) Alt-Wheels in NY New York Finally Inches Towards 2019

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Chuwi MiniBook Now Live At Indiegogo

Chuwi MiniBook Indiegogo The Early Bird prices I mentioned in a previous post aren’t available at the campaign itself. Only to those who subscribed to their pre-launch emails. It turns out there’s a sort of Gotcha involved with this.

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The Tragedy Of The iOS Books App: Landscape With PDFs

Look: That’s a Google Books PDF opened in the iOS Books app on an iPad Pro 11″ in landscape mode. That’s the only possible view! There’s no way to show two pages — otherwise known as Facing Pages — at … Continue reading

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Wichita Acknowledges Alt-Wheels Owners

Wichita lets up on personal electric scooters and skateboards, at least for now The council approved an ordinance two weeks ago establishing rules for using e-Scooters in the city, with an eye toward regulating rental scooters, which have become a … Continue reading

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