Juiced Bikes Added Dual-Motor Area Code Nano S eSkateboard

I have no idea when this happened …

… because after a buyer of the single-motor Area Code Nano reported that he was propelled forward off his board and broke his wrist due to being suddenly stopped by a small rock, I lost interest.

Last night I checked the Juiced site, and there it was.

That US$399 price is what they laughably wanted for the single-motor one not so long ago:

Now that model is US$100 less:

In both new listings, you can ignore that struck-through US$499 price. It’s outright fraud.

All of Juiced’s eSkateboards are based on a Chinese-made drivetrain that has a swappable battery pack. That drivetrain was once available to buy separately at DIYeboard, to add to any deck. They no longer offer it. Owners have stated it has disappointing speed, range, and suffers from voltage sag. So will these two Nano models from Juiced.

Broken Wrist on Areacode Nano

Previously here:

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