Walnutt Has A New eSkateboard: Spectra X

Walnutt, whose past high-priced electric skateboards were liked by… well, just about nobody, has somehow managed to survive and stay in business.

It’s not that Walnutt’s eSkateboards were bad. It’s that Walnutt burdened owners with only two ways to ride them: Using a “posture control” that it seemed only a lucky few could master or using their app and risk your smartphone getting damaged in a drop or fall.

To their credit, they’ve listened and their new Spectra X skateboard will come with three ways to ride it: Posture control, smartphone app, and a handheld remote. Finally!

This might still be a hard sell, even though the price is now kinda-sorta reasonable for Walnutt:

This features dual 250-watt hub motors, the three control methods, IP66 water resistance, magnesium underbody, a claimed top speed of 18.6 mph, and a claimed 25% incline ability. I would not place any faith in that incline claim with just 500 watts of power. If that’s all there was, this would be an instant skip. But there’s a very intriguing feature: Swappable battery.

Unfortunately, the range of that Samsung-celled battery is a disappointing 6.2 miles (so Walnutt claims). Range depends on several factors: Rider weight (which would include a backpack), surface and wind resistance, and overall speed. It wouldn’t be surprising if maintaining top speed alone cut that range in half, all other factors being ignored.

Battery packs are priced at US$99 (which does not include shipping to the U.S., which would be an international rate). These look to be, from a diagram, just 7s1p packs. That would account for the short maximum range.

There are two board models. A basic and a premium. What distinguishes the premium model is the inclusion of an e-sim, so the board can be GPS-tracked while riding — and hunted down if stolen or lost.

Walnutt has three promo videos. This is the one worth seeing:

SPECTRA X, an All New E-skateboard with Easy Swappable Battery

A longer one has the dubious distinction of being the worst Alt-Wheels promo video I have ever seen — and let me tell you, I have suffered through many! It is so bad that I refuse to embed it here and taint this blog. See it at YouTube. Just don’t forget that I warned you!

With all the money Walnutt spent developing this board and its slick website, they overlooked providing full dimensions and the most important spec: Weight!

Spectra X website

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