Loaded Boards To Partner With Ride Unlimited

The last time I posted about Ride Unlimited was back on October 16, 2018.

Ride Unlimited is a sort of competitor to the Mellow Drive. It’s a hub-motor drivetrain that can be attacked to any skateboard deck. Its key features are its modular design and swappable battery.

The company started with Indiegogo funding. But they quickly ran into some production problems and many backers had to wait a very, very, very long time for their kits to arrive. The company was so financially constrained that they had to fulfill orders from non-backers in order to fund the delayed kits for backers.

It was just a month or so ago that I wondered if they had succumbed to their woes. It had been months since any marketing emails appeared in my box. A tweet from them assured me they were still around.

Well, it seems they will be more than around. On Tuesday, Loaded Boards will announce a partnership with them.

Here’s a sneak peek of that partnership via a photo I filched from Facebook:

The Unlimited drive looks tiny compared to that deck! Loaded specializes in longboards, so it’s unsurprising. It seems the smallest deck they offer is 33″, the Truncated Tesseract.

Full details of the partnership will be released on Tuesday, July 9th.

I hope this will mean that Loaded will not only offer “completes” (a board with the Unlimited drive already installed) but the Unlimited Kits too for people who prefer their own decks.

We’ll soon see.

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