First Video Of New Mellow Skateboard Travel Deck

Announced just four days ago and someone already has it. That’s fast work!

He’s had the Mellow Drive S for six months. He’s also traveled the world with it on a variety of decks.

His selection:

The first time I’ve seen it on a 121c carbon fiber deck:

He even put it on the BoardUp folding deck — with the Mellow Drive installed at the front:

Views of the Mellow Travel Deck:

Concave with a small kicktail. And the BuddyBuddy branding:

How it looks installed:

He wanted a portable, yet wide, deck that was also light so he could easily travel with it. He seems pleased but, like with all short decks, cautions against going full speed.

#SKATEBOARD #TRAVEL DECK #REVIEW MellowBoards better than Boosted Mini ?!?

Previously here:

Mellow Announces New Short Skateboard Deck
Reference: Sizing-Up Some Small Skateboard Decks, Fifth Edition
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2 Responses to First Video Of New Mellow Skateboard Travel Deck

  1. usr says:

    It’s a pitty that the nose is not concave! :(

    I don’t see it’s better than micro-me.

  2. Alan says:

    Don’t worry, they discontinued it already anyway. And the micro-me is also gone from the website. I’m looking around for an alternative with not so much luck…

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