Alt-Wheels Notes #7

Naked deck of the Meepo Mini 2 electric skateboard. Built-in nose protection.

The weekend edition is a mixture of everything, hence no category dividers.

We start out sad. The initial news report was yesterday but I didn’t include it in Notes for that day. There was an eScooter crash and death in Battersea, England. Today, that victim has been identified.

Emily Hartridge: TV presenter and YouTube star dies in crash

News reports, her Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter don’t reveal the brand of eScooter or how long she had been riding it. Rest in peace.

Unsurprising driver behavior:

Actually, typical driver behavior is to accelerate like crazy — just to reach a red light ahead! But tell us all how much of a danger riders of Alt-Wheels are.

Drivers are crazy in Chicago too; read this thread that contains video:

It’s time to retire “road rage.” Roads don’t rage. People do. Let’s call this what it is: Deranged Driver Syndrome.


It takes place tomorrow. RSVP here: First Ride Academy x LAPD. I wish Lime would put out more advance notice of these events. And I wish Bird and others would hold them too. In fact, before they ever deploy fleets in New York City, they should hold a full month of such Academies throughout the five boroughs. Have as many people as possible give them a try so the streets aren’t filled with panicked, wobbling virgins.

Another rah-rah micromobility grift post. This time touting Bird: The Other Electric Vehicle Revolution: Myths and Realities in the E-Scooter Business

And it contains this misinformation:

New York state just passed a law allowing e-scooters, paving the way for Manhattan to open up for business, which will likely be the single biggest e-scooter market in the world.

Let me repeat everydamnthing yet again. The bills, as of yesterday, remain in limbo:

When released from that legislative purgatory, they must be delivered to the Governor. The Governor has already revealed his hand-wringing to come. Even if he puts his paws on them and changes things for “safety,” they have to go back to the Senate and Assembly. When they’re done noodling with the bills, eventually the Governor gets them again. Repeat until he signs. Then it’s law — but only in the State as overall guidance. Each municipality then gets to draft their own rules within that guidance. That includes New York City — where our ego-mad Mayor has already stated he is wringing his hands too. This is a very, very, very long way from being “law” and even more distant as law in New York City. The 2019 season is already lost. There will be no rental eScooters in New York City until Spring 2020 at the earliest. Now why don’t you copy this paragraph, paste it into something, and print it out as a damn poster for reference?

That grift piece also ends on this hilariously-blind note:

E-scooters have become the other electric vehicle revolution. But whereas Tesla is a high-end disruptor proving that the best car is an EV, e-scooters are a low-end disruptor providing the cheapest, most convenient option for short trips. It’s amazing to witness the birth of this major new category in transportation.

Yeah, because he’s never seen an electric skateboard, an electric unicycle, a Onewheel or, astonishingly, an electric bike! Such things do not exist in Micromobility Griftworld. Like Krypton was doomed, so is that world. But fear not. There’s always a new grift to pivot to!

Reddit user Jeffde witnessed this while riding his eScooter:

Reddit user obsidianjeff left a great comment:

It’s cuz they weren’t wearing a helmet

And Reddit user Bombily summed up the best thing:

What I love about scooting around the city is that I get to see and experience stuff I would completely miss if I was on an underground train.

Reddit user Sebu91 spotted a new rugged Jump rental eScooter in Washington, D.C.:

Chris of TechTablets continues to periodically review eScooters. The Zoom eScooters are rebranded E-TWOW (known as UScooters in the U.S.).

Zoom Stryder Pro Review – Faster 35Km/h With More Range eScooter

That eScooter is built like a tank. Is it as good as the Boosted Rev? Of course not. But better than the Ninebot KickScooter MAX. August 15, 2018 update: That video was pulled at the request of Stryder. It was a loaner unit that is not yet released and the review was premature.

Finally, do something for everyone. Know a driver? Point them to the Dutch Reach.

Holland stílusú ajtónyitás mentett meg – Dutch reach saved me

Help decrease doorings!

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