Ninebot/Segway KickScooter MAX IGG Collects US$4.2M

Regular readers know I’m not a fan.

But enough of that. Let me explore this from another angle.

It’s undeniable that the Xiaomi M365 has been a popular eScooter. Xiaomi’s mission to decrease the price of products is perhaps most evident with the M365. It warped the eScooter market price model. Xiaomi also has a reputation for, generally, not making crap. A known brand name combined with low pricing made sales of the M365 go where no other eScooter ever did. That popularity led to an entire sub-industry popping up with accessories, spare and solid tires, and even hacked firmware. And, of course, eScooter clones. It’s not beyond the reach of credibility to say that the M365 became the Ford Model T of eScooters. Now Ninebot has adopted the M365 design for the MAX and claims to have added its own engineering improvements. While those remain to be seen, selling over 5,000 units via IGG is not unimpressive and makes it something other eScooter makers — notably Boosted — will have to contend with.

Another way of looking at the M365 — and now the MAX — is through the lens of computing. The Boosted Rev is the Apple II+ of eScooters. The M365 and MAX are — both — the Commodore=64 of eScooters. Smartphone-wise, the Boosted Rev is the iPhone and the M365/MAX are a high-end smartphone (Xiaomi brand?).

This is not to say I have any enthusiasm for the M365/MAX. I don’t. I still maintain buyers will wish they went with the Boosted Rev.

One more thing.

As a final bonus to their IGG, Ninebot added “self-healing” tires:

It’s basically a tire that’s been “pre-Slimed” (Slime is a brand-name tire sealant). While that sounds great, even brand-name Slime has been known to disappoint and tires have had to be changed anyway (which, when filled with Slime, is a messy process!).

And I can’t end this post without one final kick in the shin to Ninebot/Segway.

Look at this damn photo:

What’s missing?

A big fat Ninebot branding on the stem! Distinguishing this in the wild from the Xiaomi M365 and clones is going to be nearly impossible.

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2 Responses to Ninebot/Segway KickScooter MAX IGG Collects US$4.2M

  1. Zac Roberts says:

    Do a little more research. Amend when you’re wrong. If you’re going to be forward with your opinion, that’s fine it’s your website, but at least amend when you’re clearly wrong. Remember, ignorance is not an excuse for misinformation. Firstly, Ninebot is the largest manufacturer of scooters in the world. They made the m365 for Xiaomi and probably half or more of the clones made their way out the back door of the Ninebot factory, but that’s speculation. I would say there is more to the situation but it was the second generation of the 365, the pro, that was relatively unchanged. While there is no doubt the max LOOKS like the 365 in pics, in person it is much larger and the specs do just about double the 365 and the pro in just about every category of measurement. Its China and Ninebot makes them all so, like I said while I have no doubt there’s more to the story and ninebot is pretty obviously ripping off the look, that’s where the similarity ends. They ride totally different, the Max is much bigger and the list goes on. Same color scheme and general shape that is it.

    Second, it is not “slime” in the max tire. I don’t like how the biggest scooter manufacturer went about using indiegogo for the launch and must say I obviously have a skewed perspective of what exactly indiegogo is, I thought it was to crowdfund small independent entities that have an idea they’d like to test the waters on and see what interest a product would generate, fund further dev of said product by promising incentive for donations. Like the name sounds “indiegogo”. Apparently it’s for major manufacturers, who are so setup already they sell parts to the rest of the industry, to sell a bunch of unit without having having to fulfill their promises and ship dates because thats the sort of thing that could kill a biz before it even got off the ground, new products from small companies take much longer to produce, during this time financial tolls are iminent and that’s where indiegogo comes in, limiting the liability of the company and allowing customers and supporters who believe in something new to get in on ground floor or have access before anyone else and for less. Made sense. Apparently not, ninebot just used it to curtail responsibility and fund the release of the entire first batch of Max’s to share companies while true fans and little guy investors had to wait and some still are. Ninebot is shady in their biz dealings and for that reason alone I would avoid purchasing directly from them at all costs. Back to “slime”.. it’s not and it does work, as far as I have seen thus far. It’s more like a gelatin layer about 1/2″ thick and stays where it’s attached, not a liquid at all, isn’t going to damage anything and seems useful. It does however solidify the feel of already heavy max pneumatic setup, basically Making it a semisolid, the max is so overengineered that it feels slow even at the 18mph top speed. It’s almost too stable to be fun. The tires and motor is a carryover of outdated electric unicycle technology and minus one line on the tread, is a Ninebot Mini/One/Pro tire and it’s shamelessly obvious. I don’t like the way ninebot makes theirselves look like Dudley Dooright and the companies leadership is entirely comprised of ruthless business men who make no qualms about doing whatever it takes to make money, and has no loyalty even to the repeat, full price paying individual customer. I have seen the CFO or CEO of ninebot publically shame Xiaomi as if they don’t deserve respect in their respective fields of manufacturing. Let’s see Ninebot make a flagship level phone… Anyway, this is what happens when you let China ru(i)n an entire industry and will be interesting to see what comes to light in the near future.
    So as you can see there’s plenty to complain about and delve into as far as research goes but your post simply is inaccurate and irrelevant due to that fact. Not a good look for you I would edit or remove the post but I don’t know how your website works and it’s not mine so I don’t really care other than I’m a bit embarrassed for you and you certainly should be. Easily disputed facts that show your partisan values toward American product that does not exist. people don’t want quality anymore obviously we purchase everything from a country that has no quality control. It’s all about cheap when it breaks throw it away and get another one we’ve known this funny we don’t buy cars from China for the most part we don’t buy home building supplies from China The two most major investments in a person’s life…Wonder why? 🤔

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