Heightened Protest In Puerto Rico

Astrid Cruz (@artistikem), who provided updates about the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and helped raise and distribute aid supplies (some of which were donated by readers here), informed me via email today of a massive protest on her island demanding the resignation of their scandal-wracked Governor:

I have no idea if you’ve seen what’s happening in the island lately, but today is a historic day here in Puerto Rico. There are thousands of people blocking a major highway asking our governor to resign.


Hurricane María taught us many things and one of them was how much power there is in numbers, how we can unite forces to make things happen. For years I was part of strikes and protests that more than half the population would fend off as childish tantrums. It was extremely frustrating to see how our government mistreated us and for it to fall on deaf ears among our own people, among those who were being directly impacted by this.

This whole week people have taken the streets to ask for him to resign but he won’t budge. Let’s see what he has to say today after this island-wide stoppage.

David Begnaud is in the island reporting too: https://twitter.com/DavidBegnaud

Good luck!


Puerto Ricans gather for massive protest to expel governor

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