How To Return To Prior Twitter Version

I detest the latest Twitter redesign.

It’s slow, bloated, ugly, confusing, and full of bugs. Trying to paste text or an URL into the Compose Tweet box inevitably leads to a crash or duplicated URLs that then crash the box when you try to delete the duplication.

Here’s how to get around it, real quick.

Sign into Twitter, then click this link, then click on HOME in the upper left corner of the screen to get your Home screen again.


Note that you’ll have to use that link every time when signed into Twitter, so Bookmark it!

Thanks to @ninatypewriter, @LouLumenick, @onihcinimkcin, and @luigi_warren.

Two same-day updates after the break.

I’ve experienced mixed results.

Here are the manual steps to get back old Twitter:

Second same-day update:

There is an extension for Chrome: Good Twitter

Update, August 1, 2019: The Directory loophole seems to have been closed. It looks like there is no other choice but to use the GoodTwitter extension for Chrome and Firefox.

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