Worldwide Crybabies: Enough!


There’s a video there.

I’ve had enough of this bullshit.


Look at how fast this coward tries to summon assistance:






And here’s Mr. Hypocrite Virtuous Crybaby showing what he’s really made of:

Hoboken eScooter Crybaby

I’ve lived in Hoboken. Hoboken is a very expensive place to live in. So this guy isn’t some drudge. He’s pulling down some real money to be able to live there. Yet his life is so vacant — along with his mind — that all he can do is out himself as an impotent crybaby on Twitter and show how “virtuous” he is. While actually doing nothing! In the end, his true colors are displayed. I guess he’s not at all grateful for having strong arms and legs!

Meanwhile, this …



But Mr. Rich Guy In Hoboken, he’s just making things worse and part of the problem.

Jordan Peterson: Making Things Worse (Long)

Zig Ziglar: YOU Are The Problem

And he will feel no shame. Because he thinks he’s so virtuous!

He’s not the only one. Practically every day on Twitter I see tweets from people whiiiiiiining about rental eBikes and rental eScooters improperly placed. As if showing yourself to the entire world as a crybaby was virtuous or meant something other than being a crybaby. Do something or STFU. Period.

From now on, I will tweet a link to this post to all of them.

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