The Bad Driver Court Prosecution System NYC Needs

It’s past time for a different way of doing things in NYC. With so many cyclists and Alt-Wheels riders attaching cameras to their bikes and helmets, something more needs to be done with that footage other than posting it on Twitter, YouTube, and other sites.

It’s time for that footage to become actionable evidence that leads to court prosecution.

I’ve previously posted about the UK Channel 5 TV documentary, Cyclists: Scourge Of The Streets? and the segment with Dave Sherry being able to submit his sportscam footage to the police so drivers are summoned to court just kept nagging at me.

Capture video, trim, upload, driver is summoned, rider who took footage is summoned, both appear in court. And, in England, it usually winds up with the testifying rider getting an email like this:

Imagine if it was so easy here in New York City!

Here’s the entire Dave Sherry segment from that documentary [same-day update: This video is blocked in the UK due to a Copyright Claim by Channel 5].

Dave Sherry UK Avenging Cyclist

Making it so easy to hold drivers to account might not change their behavior, but the City could pull in a hell of a lot of money — and then spend it on bike lanes!

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