Kickstarter: A Book About Artist Steve Ditko

Something exciting on Kickstarter:

Regards, Ditko – An Exploration Into the Mind of Steve Ditko

Regards, Ditko is the true story of my four-year correspondence with one of the most private comic book artists of the past century.

Named after how Steve Ditko concludes every letter, Regards, Ditko is an intriguing and thought-provoking tale that delves into the decades-old comic book world riddle: Who is Steve Ditko?

This 246 page paperback book will have you challenging the creatorship of Spider-Man, appreciating the separation of art from artist, and understanding the magnitude of personal privacy in today’s world.

The minimum to get the printed book is US$16.

People who have followed me from past eBook posts will be interested in this option:

The PDF is the source of the book, so the text can be reflowed if need be. Perfect for people who are using eInk devices and smaller screens.

And this is Steve Ditko. The artist that so little is known about. A private man who shunned publicity, never attended any conventions, and who was seen as an enigma and even an outsider among outsiders. How can anyone resist?

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