Project Xanadu: A Hypertext “Nelson Document”

Another parallel format– The “Pale Fire” demo, fifty years late

It sounds great. And the document can be seen here.

I had a problem.

On my screen, the three panels are in a fixed horizontal spacing that caused the third panel to be cut off on my screen:

There was no way I could find to close the white space between panels by changing their position. I use Firefox, so a CTL– (Control-minus sign) shrunk the image to fit. Each panel can be grabbed in its lower left corner and made wider.

Here are links that have been clicked on, showing where the texts connect:

This is my first encounter with the reality of Nelson’s hypertext system.

The best way for this to work would be with an extremely-widescreen monitor that could display three 8.5″ x 11″ pages.

More than anything else, this demo illustrates just how crap our existing systems work. We really haven’t set up things for the way people actually work in the real world. It drives me nuts when I see government meetings and everyone is using paper. Why aren’t they using iPads?

Because not even the iPad has something that can dynamically switch between multiple documents and filetypes as easily as paper.

That’s a big problem and a huge opportunity for someone to solve.

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