A Reminder: This Blog Is Graft-Free

Although I haven’t made a page for it at this blog, my FTC Disclosure from my prior blog remains in effect.

This is what happens when someone violates it — knowingly or unknowingly — I publicly disclose [click image to enlarge]:

I just did a post about his book yesterday and I suppose he somehow felt obligated to do something kind back.


That’s not how things work here.

There are plenty of bloggers, “professional” writers, and YouTubers who do it for what they can get. Whether it’s paid travel (airfare, hotel, and meals) to an event or something free that they can keep in exchange in for a “review,” or who even knows what other kind of palm-greasing is out there — but I’m not one of those people and no post here is ever done with any return consideration in mind.

I post solely about what interests me.

So if you ever get it into your head to contact me to, say, let me try something — you’d better make damn sure it’s a public event where anyone else can do that too because I won’t have special favors or special treatment.

The most important thing on the Internet — and in the real-world — is trust. And I won’t do something to tarnish it.

You might not like what I post here, but you can trust that it’s not based on graft.

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2 Responses to A Reminder: This Blog Is Graft-Free

  1. Martin says:

    I read your blog every day because I know that you write about what interest you keeping your FTC Disclosure intact…There are not to much people like you out there…Good for you.

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