I Should Sue The Wall Street Journal For Character Assassination

Paywall bypass via Twitter.

Read it.

“New Left Urbanists”?!!!? Me? There is nothing Left or New Left or even Old Left about me, goddammit.

And I don’t ask people advocating for cycling about their politics. We have a mutual interest in getting street parity and that’s all that matters. How anyone votes is their business.

That entire screed is off-the-wall. Wanting our metropolitan environments to accommodate people instead of cars is somehow New Left? Who is he trying to kid? What paranoid kind of Fox News type of propaganda is this? Listen, even drivers have to get out of their cars sometimes and do things like cross the street. Do they think crossing is safe? Would they let their young kids cross alone? And can any driver be happy that their commutes are usually at speeds less than that of an eScooter? Who greased this guy’s palms to write something so pro-car and anti-human?

What this guy can’t stand is anyone questioning the way things are. Things haven’t always been this way. It’s only an absolute idiot who looks around and never questions how things got to be what they see. The era of metastatic auto dominance is coming to an end. There are new ways to get around in 2019 — electric skateboards, electric scooters, electric unicycles, the Onehweel — and, dammit, owners and renters and riders of those shouldn’t have to beg for space in the street.

There is nothing either Left or Right about that. It just is.

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