iPhone 11 Pro Max: Real-World Camera Footage

There are probably other YouTube videos testing the camera. I haven’t seen those. This is the kind of footage that interests me.

iPhone 11 Pro Max – Camera Test with Friday Night Skate

My notebook maxes out at 720p playback. You would think that would actually make the image sharper, but it doesn’t. The video is … well, the only word to use is crappy. It looks like it was shot with a crappy generic bargain Chinese sports cam! There seems to be a lot of machine edge sharpening going on, making everything look artificial — and there are many points where the damn algorithm just gives up and vomits out a collection of indistinct pixel blobs. I know YouTube can also degrade things but, seriously, this is surprisingly bad for anything from an iPhone. I’ve watched hundreds — if not over a thousand — of ride videos shot with a variety of cameras (some even iPhones) and this is one of the worst.

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